The Thing That Gets Us To The Thing

What We Believe

Combining the world’s most comprehensive map of human development, the structure and discipline of a martial arts lineage, the inclusion and transcendence of  knowledge and intuitive capacities and a proven track record for delivering lasting change – all within a space of deep care and uncompromising standards.


Our Developmental Method enables one to get underneath a coaching topic to see how a client has been approaching that realm up until now. There are usually some fundamental ‘Ah Ha’ moments as the client realizes, “No wonder I haven’t been able to sustain the change I’d hoped for.” Our work enables the client to more effectively identify and work with long-standing patterns while building the ability to move in new directions. Both occur at the same time. The grip of a past way of being is loosened as it is more consciously worked with while simultaneously creating new ways of moving forward.


In actively working in both of these areas (the ‘past-based’ way of being and the ‘future-based’ desired outcomes) unprecedented results are attained in very short periods of time. This method or way of working with a client is based on the principles of Subject-Object Theory in human development; by working with a client so that they explicitly and objectively come to see her/himself, the client is able to shift quite quickly and radically into healthier, more productive, deeply satisfying, and more expanded ways of being in their life. The ‘Ah Ha’ moments are powerful, but more poignant are the capabilities developed by clients to shift long-standing patterns that have felt immovable.




Executive Coaching

  • Uniquely tailored to high achieving business people to help identify opportunities to enhance core copetencies.

  • Custom designed practices specific to your current topic most important in the moment.


Our Greatest Resource

Employee Development

Our employees are our most valuable resource


We support them:

  • Zoning in on the topic they want to examine

  • Designing practices to move them from their “current way” of approaching the topic into a “new way” of being in it.

  •  Embodying the new way so that it “sticks.”

From Our Founder

Embodiment of Excellence


Not perfection. Excellence is much greater. 

It allows for our struggles and failings. 

We see our path to victory in overcoming our challenges.

We see our deep resilience and this bolsters us. 

We begin to see who we are. 

We embrace our Identity and what we are continuously becoming.


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